Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pokemon of The Day: Arceus

Arceus is one of three ultra rare pokemon you can get in Diamond and Pearl only by special events. I used a cheat code to get mine. Arceus has the best all around stats of any of the 493 pokemon and is in the top fifty in every stat. If you have plates that boost a type's power and are wondering what to do with them. Arceus has an ablity called Multi-Type which changes its type to the plate being held. Arceus also learns at level 100 a brutal 100 base attack move called Judgement. Judgement changes type to the plate being held by Arceus so it's a must for Arceus. Arceus can also learn Recover that is also a must too. Arceus may seem to be better then Mewtwo, But Arceus is way too unfair to use in battle due to how unpredictable it is. Even other uber pokemon like Mewtwo will have a hard time beating it.

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