Friday, January 25, 2008

The Mario Files - 1-25-08

I've been a big Mario fan for over a decade and I have played many of the games. Here's the rating system for mario in a Mario theme.

Excellent: Excellent
Okey Doky: Average
Mama Mia!: Awful

I'll start off with a Mama Mia! rated one, The Super Mario Bros Movie. No joke, they made a Super Mario Bros Movie in 1993 that was awful. Stars Bob Hoskins as Mario, John Legizamo as Luigi, and Dennis Hopper as Bowser. The Movie is awful for how un Mario like it was. Mario and Luigi don't have their game uniforms on until very late in the movie. The Koopas are humans with goofy hairdoos. Goombas are Giant reptiles. And no Peach.

Here are two bad reviews for the movie.

"They should have used cheat codes to make this one a winner." Forgot the source

"Yes it happened. Let us speak no more of it" Source: Nintendo Power Magazine

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